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The Future Of Construction

The Future Of Construction

Future Of Construction

Emerging Technology

India has a rich history of constructing with wood. These time-tested structures have withstood diverse climatic conditions and are a testimony of the sheer resilience of wood as a building material over centuries. However, with the advent of RCC construction, wood had been left behind.
With the emergence of new technology – engineered wood, wood construction has shed its previous limitations and is now on par, if not better than RCC construction. With the rapid adoption of engineered wood and new ever emerging engineering techniques and technologies, the world is seeing a rapid shift towards a construction future that is sustainable and green.

Biophilic properties of wood

As health and wellness gain precedence, many architects/designers, real estate developers and industry professionals in India are rediscovering wood for its beauty, benefits, and ease of working. They are increasingly looking at building homes, workspaces, hospitals and more with wood in addition to emphasis on its use in re-man applications.
Research has shown that wood directly contributes in a person’s wellbeing.